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Review: The Bloodgate Guardian

Harry of A Dude reads PNR fame for The Book Smugglers says:

I love that Jaid is vulnerable. I love the fact that she is smart-ass, not kick-ass. She doesn’t do the whole super ninja vixen. No leather pants and favorite blades for this chick. She’s nerdy and the Un-Indiana Jones of the faculty. Brilliant characterization, right there. Pure gold. It makes Jaid stand out from all the other leading females in the genre. I also can honestly say that Jaid’s the strong woman urban fantasy and paranormal romance has been boasting with. She’s not sure she will win and she is mortified to venture, but she does. She falls down and picks herself up, because the situation demands it. That’s what I call bravery and perseverance.

Of course there were a few parts he didn’t like.  Names.  (Oh, you know the drama we already went through over the names, right?)  Shapeshifter.  Yes, the Maya did believe that the most powerful shamans could actually transform into the sacred jaguar.  He also thought it ended too happily.  Considering the version I had originally written [Everybody dies. The end.], I can only smile.

You can read the entire review here.  Thank you, Harry!

6 thoughts on “Review: The Bloodgate Guardian

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  2. *grin*

    You oughtta send him the other ending version, Sis. You know I loved it, and I bet he would thoroughly approve. However, it’s clear he doesn’t realize that the romance genre requires a happy ending or… ya know… “no publisho, senoro”.

  3. Howdy! Yes, everyone dying sounds like my cup of tea. Personally, I would have been happy only with the father dying, because it teaches that every thing we do has consequences and sometimes they are lethal.

    For Ruin to be free of the curse, his brother had to be released as well, so that makes perfect sense and makes the villain into something more complex.

    AND well, the part where Ruin gets to live and love is what the genre demands. I’m just used to people dying and dying. Like in a Shakespeare inspired Michael Bay movie.

    Thank you about the Maya tidbit. I may not like shapeshifters, but it’s part of the worldbuilding.

    ANYWAY, thank you for writing the book. It was good. 🙂

    1. Harry, thanks so much for your review and for stopping by!

      I almost had Jaid’s father die, yes. However, I thought it might be more unique–and powerful–to give him a second chance and watch him destroy his daughter’s love all over again. I promise that Dr. Charles receives a just end in the story arc. What could be worse than giving him exactly what he wants, hmm?

      I totally agree with your weariness of wolf shifters. In fact, I often see “wolf shitters” and think oh, how appropriate!

  4. Ah, the names! Just can’t win either way, can we?

    I’m not the least bit surprised to see another excellent review.

  5. Aw, thanks, Alissa! With your help, it shines!

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