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E-Reader Giveaway from Drollerie Press Authors

If Santa isn’t bringing you an e-reader this year, maybe you can win the JetBook Lite from E-Reader, supplied by Drollerie Press authors Angela Korra’ti, Cindy Lynn Spear, Meredith Holmes, Michael Stewart, and me.  We’ll load it with Drollerie Press books and ship it anywhere on the planet.  Details for how to enter are here

Don’t miss the 12 Days of Christmas giveaways at Drollerie, where we’ll be giving away books each day!

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Two New Reviews!

First up, Conn has made a new conquest for the dark side (or is that the poetry side?) of BDSM.  KC from Smokin’ Hot Books writes:

Dear Sir I’m Yours was a beautifully written exploration into what I find is one of my top 10 fantasies of the sexy professor and naïve/innocent student. I literally was swept away by her prose and sexy professor Conn who takes submissive Rae on an exploration of her own wants and desires.

The W-2 comment made me snort coffee on my monitor (go read the full review to get the joke!).  She also reviews Holly Summers’ (Victoria Dahl’s) The Wicked West, which I loved too.

Next up, a lovely review for Defiance from Soleil Noir of Beyond the Invisible, in particular, for Storms as She Walks:

This is the most Romance-oriented story out of the lot, but there is so much more too. Joely has a knack for building bonds between her characters, both romantic and platonic. What really brought this story home to me was the dynamic of Thunderer’s regiment. The military-style banter had me in stitches and the battle scenes were beautifully executed.  The romance was a bit tame-for a Burkhart read, which usually scorches off the page- but not in an unsatisfying way. Sweet and fulfilling, it fit perfectly within the confines of its tale.

Hands down my favorite Anthology from Drollerie Press thus far. Probably the best Anthology I’ve read. Ever.

Read the whole review here including Soleil’s detailed comments for Laura Anne Gilman’s and Angela Korra’ti’s stories.

Thank you, Soleil and KC!

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New Release: US Civil War Anthology, Defiance

Yay, it’s here!  Three stories set during the US Civil War with strong female protagonists with unique gifts are now available in an anthology from Drollerie Press

  • Finder’s Keeper by Laura Anne Gilman
  • The Blood of the Land by Angela Korra’ti
  • Storms as She Walks by me!

Laura Anne Gilman, Joely Sue Burkhart, and Angela Korra’ti take us back to the days of the Civil War with ministering angels, magical creatures, and death. Each of the women in these stories refuses to take on the role she’s been assigned by birth, race, or circumstance. Each woman demonstrates life changing defiance.

There’s a nice long excerpt up if you want to check it out first.

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Civil War Anthology: Defiance

Remember that little Civil War short story I was working on a few months ago?  I’m thrilled to announce that it’ll be included in a US Civil War anthology from Drollerie Press, including stories by Laura Anne Gilman and Angela Korra’ti!  Watch for it to be released end of October.  Isn’t the cover lovely?


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Drollerie Press Blog Tour

This month, our theme is music, and I’m honored to host Nora Fleischer.  Mark your calendars for the next Drollerie Press chat on September 27th at 4 PM Eastern.  We always have a ton of fun and usually end up talking about zombies, Muppets, Sting, and everything in between!

(My post will be posted sometime today at Sarah Avery’s livejournal here.)

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Over Her HeadI love setting stories in the early twentieth century, partly because I like the popular novelists of the era (dig up The Wall Street Girl, if you can, for a fun read), but mostly because they’re the first generation to be recognizably modern.  They have cars, bicycles, and telephones.  For the first time, young women get educated and work in jobs that use their education.  (They called them New Women.)  And, for the first time, people are able to record music. 

Recording music must have been a great thing for musicians– can you imagine knowing that your art would disappear as soon as it was completed?– but it might have been even better for the average music lover.  Imagine living in a period when hearing good, professional-quality music was a rare treat, not something you could get for free just for snapping on the radio!  When if you wanted to hear music, you’d better learn to play an instrument.

Garrett Hathaway, the hero of my novella, Over Her Head, set in 1905, is a huge opera fan, and he treasures his Victrola.  What sort of thing might an opera lover in the early 1900s be able to listen to?  Here’s a recording from the Library of Congress’s American Memory site:  The sound quality makes me very happy to have an iPod!  But here’s the challenge for me as a novelist– people like Garrett were very proud and excited about all the opportunities that modernity brought to them.  I hope, by showing the way Garrett enjoys listening to music, I’m able to convey that excitement to today’s reader.”

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Pen Flourish

You may not have noticed, but Drollerie Press has several different imprints, including Pen Flourish, the romance/erotica line.  We plan to begin posting some spicier excerpts and free reads on the site.  Since these posts will be adult, you’ll be asked to register and declare your age.  Stop by and register — I plan to post some spicy excerpts soon!  Who knows, maybe it’ll be a new free read.  *winks*

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Celebrate Chocolate Giveaway

Love chocolate?  Love a good book about chocolate?  Then you don’t want to miss Drollerie Press’s giveaway!  Cindy Lynn Speer’s delightful The Chocolatier’s Wife is on sale 20% off (check out our Book Chat posts to see how much I enjoyed her story), and you can enter to win a $25 gift certificate to Fanny Mae Chocolates!