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Survive My Fire is Back!

I didn’t quite make my end of March deadline but I came very close.  I worked my way through Survive My Fire – the first book I ever contracted – and brought it up to my current writing level, formatted, and uploaded to Amazon and Smashwords.  It’ll filter through to other distribution sites shortly.  The Fire Within is returning by the end of the month, too!

I so love the cover that Silviya created for Chanda!

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D&R Reviews Survive My Fire

I’ve known Tia online for years but never queried her to review any of my work for two reasons:  she doesn’t do e-books and she doesn’t typically review sexier books.  However, she picked up a copy of Survive My Fire while Drollerie Press was running a free download, and gave it a shot reading on her iPod. 

I’m doubly honored that she chose SMF as an e-book introduction and also reviewed my debut on her excellent Debuts & Reviews site.

The voice is what captured me in this story, and what held me throughout. It is otherworldly, surreal and utterly engaging.

Thank you so much, Tia!

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Survive My Fire Review

Soleil has given a terrific review of Survive My Fire!

For such a short read it was jam packed.  Romance (Read: Warm Fuzzies and Hot sex). Fantasy (Read: Magic, Suspence, And Dragons, oh my!). Hell I even got a nice juicy battle to chew on, and I looove battle scenes. Two thumbs way way up!

You can read her whole commentary here.  Thank you, Soleil!  I’m thrilled you’re enjoying your gift certificate from the Character Clinic!