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Golden Winner and Review

I used the pick giveaway plugin to select the winner for the HautTote giveaway:  Stephanie Christine!  Thank you to everyone for entering!  Stephanie, I’ll email details to you (the tote hasn’t shipped to me yet).

There’s also another great review for Golden by Night Owl Romances by Elf. 4.5 stars and a Top Pick!

An evocative and well-written story that vividly conjures up the intricacies of court intrigue and machinations even as it relays the tale of two people tied together in their desire for the sexual stimulation achieved through the delivery and reception of pain.  Looking forward to more works from this author, a wonderfully adept word-artist.

Thank you so much!

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Victor’s Now In Print!

HURT ME SO GOOD is now available in print!  To celebrate, I’m giving away a signed copy here on the blog.  Anyone can enter, even if you’ve won something from me before, and I’ll ship anywhere in the world. 

To enter:  I’m preparing to work on the next Connagher book.  Mal isn’t exactly a “Connagher” but she’s been friends with Victor for so long that he counts her as family.  You’l meet her love interest briefly in Vicki’s book — YOURS TO TAKE, coming May 2012 — and he has a few tattoos that I need to learn more about. 

What kind of tattoos do you find sexy?  Comment on this post as many times as you want and I’ll draw one winner using the “Pick Giveaway Winner” plugin.

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Giveaways Around the Blogosphere

If you’re interested in winning a copy of Curse of the Golden Flower and my latest release, Golden, stop by the Carina Press blog and tell me about a movie or book obsession.

I’m also at EverybodyNeedsALittleRomance today talking about all those famous movie/story endings that leave me going ARGH!!!  (Clue:  Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.)  Stop by for another chance to win Golden!

Lastly, I’m at JoJo’s Book Corner blog bash talking about hair tribulations — remember our long search for Gregar?  Another chance to win Golden!  (And see a drool-worthy picture of Rhaekhar aka Tecun aka the hunk standing by the pyramid in one of my blog headers.)

Of course the HautTote giveaway is still running here too!

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Golden Release Giveaway

Celebrating Golden’s release from Carina Press tomorrow, I’m giving away this gorgeous tote from HautTotes (edited to note:  the size will be the larger full-size tote not the mini)!

To Enter:  comment on this post and tell me your favorite Asian movie.  Red Cliff?  Curse of the Golden Flower?  Legend of the Black Scorpion?  Or simply throw your name in the hat.  Anyone on the planet can enter — I’ll ship internationally.  I do not retain your name or address after the giveaway is over.

Optional:  for more chances to win, review or rate Golden on any online site (Amazon, GoodReads, your blog, etc.) and send me the link.  Each link will gain another entry in the giveaway.

This giveaway will remain open until midnight (CST) Sept. 10th.  If I’m unable to contact the winner after 48 hours, I’ll pick another name.

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Independence Day Giveaway

Happy 4th, America!  We celebrated last night by driving around our neighborhood in the pouring rain looking for our neighbor’s sweet golden retriever that fled their yard during another neighbor’s fireworks finale.  Luckily Annabeth is home safely in her yard this morning!

The monsters will be shooting bottle rockets and who knows what else today.  Thankfully it rained heavily yesterday so no chance for fire.  (Middle and anything to do with fire is always a scary proposition.)

If you’d like to do a little reading of your own today, simply post a comment on this post telling me which book of mine you wish you could read.  I’ll pick a name out of the magic hat and send the winner their desired book.  (I can offer up Golden although I don’t have the final ARC available yet — I can make you one.)

P.S. The journal giveaway is still open.

P.P.S. or is it P.S.S.?  Lord Regret is up for Summer’s Hottest Hero at ARe but is falling waaaaay behind in votes!

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Giveaway: Handcrafted Journal

How better to celebrate Return to Shanhasson’s release than giving away a gorgeous journal handcrafted by my new editor, Lisa?  She kindly stepped in during Deena’s illness and put the final polish on Shannari’s grand adventure.  Without her, Mykal would still be lurking in Keldar and you’d never learn about Shannari’s greatest test of all, and yes, her greatest sacrifice.

I adore paper products, all sorts.  From colored index cards, sticky notes, journals, notebooks, reams of stock paper…  It’s physically impossible for me to go into an office supply store like Staples or Office Max and walk out without picking up some new paper product.  I’d probably be up for Hoarders if the monsters didn’t so kindly assist me in using up my paper goods.  *sobs – I’ve actually considered putting my notebooks and ink pens under lock and key!* 

Most especially, I love journals, especially unique, handmade ones.  My only problem:  I “save” them for something really good…  Which means they don’t always get used.  I keep them on a shelf and admire them.  I may not fight the blank page syndrome too much when writing a book, but when it comes to my own thoughts, I do often hesitate to put such “trival” matters down, especially on “nice” paper.  But you know what?  Those thoughts are just as important.

So I’m ordering one for myself and one to give away here on the blog.

There are two ways to enter.

  1. Comment here and tell me about your own journaling habits or simply throw your name in the hat.
  2. For extra entries, rate or review any Shanhasson book (Rose, Road, or Return) on any review site (Goodreads, personal blog, formal review site, even facebook) or online retailer (Amazon, B&N, etc.) and send the link(s) via email to joelysueburkhart AT gmail DOT com.  I’ll put your name in the magic hat again for each link you send me. Pre-existing reviews are okay and eligible, but please do send me the links if you’d like an extra entry.  I don’t have time to hunt them all down and I don’t want to enter someone who may not be aware of the giveaway going on (and I won’t be able to track them down if they win).

*cough* Notice that poor Road has NO Amazon ratings?  *sobs*

This giveaway is open to anyone on the planet, even if you’ve won something from me before.  I do not retain your name or email addresses after the giveaway is over. 

Comments and links will be accepted through midnight July 8th CST and the winner will be announced on the blog July 9th.

Reviewers who’d like a copy of any Shanhasson book, please drop me a note to the same email above with your desired format.

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News Roundup

It’s free book week at Carina Press. A new free book each day! Details here.

I’m also over at The Romance Reviews today talking about The Bloodgate Guardian. Comment on any of my posts over there to be entered to win a $10 gift certificate to any online retailer of your choice.

Of course, I’m still giddy that Mykal has finally arrived! Return to Shanhasson should start filtering through book retailers over the next few days. I’m still looking for reviewers, so if you’re interested, drop me a note. (This is book 3 of a trilogy, not a standalone.)

I’ll be planning a giveaway shortly — any requests?!?