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Dear Sir, I’m Yours Review

The first review is in!  Soleil says:

Seriously, if there is a cover art fairy, she’s hoarding it. Or maybe just blessed by it. Hell, if I were a cover art fairy I’d hang around Joely too, she writes some of the most emotionally gut-wrenching stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

Dear Sir, I’m Yours is a red hot contemporary romance with depth and some wickedly awesome characters. Passionate does not even begin to describe it. You might want to have a fan near by for this one, or schedule in a cold shower afterwards.

You can read the whole review here

*hoards cover art fairy*

Thanks to Scott for an incredible cover, and thank you to Soleil for a terrific review!

3 thoughts on “Dear Sir, I’m Yours Review

  1. Sweet!

    I like the cover art fairy, too. Kinda cool to envision.

  2. Both are well-earned, Sis. The cover art is spectacular, and the review is both spot-on and awesome sauce from Soleil. Woot!

    This. Story. Rocks.

  3. Thanks, Susan! The cover art fairy has been very good to me!

    Aw, thank you, Sis! Hugs.

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