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RX Day 5

Well, this Revision Xibalba is grinding my bones to dust.  It’s been really slow going but I’m hanging tough.

Yesterday, I didn’t quite break 500 words, but I did make it up and started a new scene.  Today, ditto, only even less words so far.  My mind is just not in the game.  But it’s crucial here that I not let myself make up excuses or let another pretty shiny project steal me away.  I know, if I keep working and meet the story every morning, things will eventually click and it’ll be full steam ahead.

It would help tremendously if I didn’t have any games on this computer!  When the going is tough, it’s so much easier to let distractions rule.  “Cooking Dash” is ever so much more fun than slogging through revisions!  :oops:


I’ll report back tonight when I break 1K in this scene.

Update:  squeaked up to 1050 words in this scene.  I should be able to finish it tomorrow.

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RX Day 3

I had two simple goals this morning.

Get up.  (Don’t laugh.)  Friday mornings are hard for me to do D&E.  I made it, but only by going to bed before 10 last night.  I didn’t watch Survivor because I was doing some stuff for the Evil Day Job.  I didn’t watch the debate because I was putting the monsters to bed and then wrote a bit.

Write 500 words.  (Again, don’t laugh.)  I know 1K for a D&E session is more than doable, but for whatever reason, I’ve only been getting a few hundred words this week.  New scene, new POV character, etc. all valid excuses, but come ON.  I need some major wordage here.

I made both goals!  Total scene length:  1676 and it’s finished.

I decided last night that I only get to do NaNoWriMo if I finish these revisions.  I really don’t think I can get the whole book revised in a month.  I need around 40K in new words and probably 15K of the existing draft needs some serious work.  About 40K of it hasn’t even been edited once.  *dies*

It sure would be lovely to participate again and get some nice wordage completed on Return to Shanhasson though…  Dharman and Sal have begun to clamor along with Gregar now, which I suppose is only to be expected.  After all, they really want to nag Shannari.  :mrgreen:

We’ll see.  I really doubt it’s humanly possible to do a decent 2nd draft this month, but Sal is eagerly offering all sorts of assistance.

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RX Day 2

Up a bit earlier today.  Combined with yesterday’s measly word count, I’ve got 847 words in the new scene.  Just flying, I know.  :???:

However, this is the first scene in this new character’s POV and it’s also a new setting.  I’ve had to figure out several things that I didn’t expect.  Aspects of Laredo stymmied me until I decided to just wing it.  Some interesting backstory came out for Quinn too that I didn’t expect.  Some of it will likely get cut back in revision, but it’s good stuff to know. 

I’ll update any additional progress on this entry.

Edited 9:19:  You know, sometimes I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.  I had the most incredible backstory conflict screaming at me, just waiting for me to do something with it…and yet I almost missed it.  Doh.  I smoothed this morning’s scene and picked up this backstory undercurrent that totally drives this relationship up another notch.

Nothing like family betrayal to sweeten the pot. 

I’m hoping to break 1K in this scene before heading to bed…

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I researched a bit more about the FBI and found an incredible news release from this past month that fits PERFECTLY with what I was hoping to build.  I’m still a bit foggy on FBI procedure, especially involving international trafficking (e.g. from Mexico), but I think I can work my way around any technicalities.

Final word count today (total scene):  1144.

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RX Day 1

Not so much done for the Mayan Fantasy, unfortunately.  I needed to research a good border town between Mexico/Texas and finally settled on Laredo because of I-35 heading straight to Dallas-Ft. Worth.  I still don’t have a good picture in my head of Laredo.  Has anyone been there?  Can you tell me of a fairly disreputable area, perhaps along the Rio Grande?  Warehouse district or something?

Other misc tasks accomplished tonight, in no particular order:

  1. Imported all 2008 livejournal posts to this blog.
  2. Promptly got locked out by server for suspicious activity!
  3. Deena set up my joely AT joelysueburkhart DOT com e-mail, so fire away at will!  Alternatively, you can continue to use joelysueburkhart AT
  4. Talked to a friend who really needed an ear.
  5. Drew a very bad map of Laredo.
  6. Uploaded all my character pictures on the private WordPress blog for NSR.  (They were lost when we moved my domain.)  I need my pictures!
  7. Took the monsters to the dentist.  Dentist recommended new procedure I’ve never heard of before.  Haven’t had time to google it yet. 
  8. Late home from the dentist, and I was very thankful for the frozen meatloaf I’d prepared over the weekend.  I threw it in the oven (300 degrees) before leaving and it was perfect.  Mashed potatoes ala Shedds and gravy ala packet mix.
  9. Worked for the Evil Day Job a bit after dinner.  I’m behind.  Eventually, I’ll be so far behind I’ll actually be ahead!
  10. Spent an hour looking for library books that both Middle Monster and Princess Monster have misplaced.  Swore to never buy them another book or ever step foot in library again.  I know this promise will fail miserably.
  11. Entered the Eppies.
  12. Volunteered to judge in my free time.  *snort*

Here’s to an earlier rising tomorrow.

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Officially Revision Xibalba

October is here and I’m in hell.  Revision hell, that is, or since this is a Mayan Fantasy:  

Revision Xibalba.

I’m not quite as prepared as I hoped, but the best laid plans, etc. etc.  I have a pretty solid vision in my head for what I want to accomplish, although my daysheet is still incomplete.  I do have all my hastily jotted note cards and my timelines.  I plan to fill out the daysheet as I go, recording word count per scene.

I don’t know how much “new” blog content I can provide if I’m deep in ripping apart story, so I’ll try to plan a few easy things.  I’ll scan Princess Monster’s illustrated story and put it up one page at a time.  I’ve also got some oldies but goodies from the dead blog that I can repost. 

I’ll also post RX updates here briefly but I doubt many will be interested in my little “400 words D&E – didn’t get up as early as I planned” sort of posts, but it keeps me honest.  Those little notes also go to my accountability partner, Jenna, who meets me D&E.

My update today?  :oops:  Up but later than I planned and I did this blog entry, which cut into my time.  (Note to self:  set up blog entries the night before if possible.)  I did edit the beginning of the new scene I started yesterday (340 words) and have some jotted notes from yesterday when I was waiting for the monsters at school.  Hopefully I can sneak in some real words over lunch or tonight.  I’ll post an end of the day count later.