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Another Dear Sir, I’m Yours Review!

I’ve met so many awesome people on Twitter.  Through Pearl, I’ve connected with several terrific readers associated with Realms on Our Bookshelves. Pearl gave a wonderful, thorough review of Dear Sir, I’m Yours:

The way Joely Sue Burkhart build up the story and characters with their struggles, angst and insecurities did not take away from the intensity or hotness of the love scenes. They were spine tingling and arousing. For me it was erotic romance as it is suppose to be: classy, erotic and emotionally intense.

With DEAR SIR, I’M YOURS, a story of love, sexual discovery and most importantly trust, Joely Sue Burkhart has put herself on my reading map and I am ready for the next story that comes out of her pen (or keyboard).

Read her entire review here.  Thank you so much, Pearl!  I don’t know that Mason will get his own book — right now, I’m concentrating on Conn’s older brother, Victor, but who knows!

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  1. Congrats on the great review, Joely! You totally deserve it! 😀

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