Zombie Romance Giveaway

Why am I so fascinated with zombie romance?

The first time I explored the idea of “undead” romance was several years ago in now-defunct Drollerie Press’s chat.  We always had such a blast talking about all things horror, and we got to talking about how hilarious it would be if someone wrote a zombie romance.

I mean think about it.  If someone’s dead, how can you possibly work out a HEA?

The challenge of it fascinated me, and then Deena threw down the gauntlet.  She challenged me to write one.  I accepted.   :mrgreen: That story is still available for free (click on the thumbnail to download a pdf, or other formats are available at Smashwords).

So I guess Zombie Category Romance was only inevitable.  I love the idea of warping traditional tropes.  That’s why I take Regency tropes… and twist them into Jane Austen Soap Operas where ladies rule instead of the men.  Now I’m taking billionaire alphaholes and making them zombies.

But it’s not easy.  I mean, to make it romance, there has to be more romantic elements than horror elements.  So there has to be a REASON for the hero to be a zombie, and it can’t be too disgusting.  e.g. no rotting flesh hanging off the bones while he eats braiiiiiiins.

So how could I come up with a zombie hero that’s not disgusting? That’s where the magical elements come into play.  Instead of a zombie apocalypse caused by a virus, the hero is simply cursed.  It’s not a widespread disaster.  There’s no need to hole up in a farmhouse with every gun you can find.

In fact, most of the time Yiorgos looks perfectly fine.  Only a handful of people know what happens when he takes off the signet ring he won from Emile Remy along with his restaurant.  He wears the ring the entire time he’s with Clare, except for one time she tries to use her powers to help him, searching for a clue to the curse.

He even eats normal food, not brains.  Which is a very bad thing for him, because Clare is a kitchen witch and she makes one mean chocolate cake.

So I came up with a few cheesy tag lines that were more jokes than anything.  My favorite that I didn’t use:

Come for the braiiiins.  Stay for the romance.

*laughs*  I promise.  NO BRAINS!

Remember all procceds in 4th quarter 2012 from The Zombie Billionaire’s Virgin Witch will go to Rebuilding Joplin.

To celebrate my first zombie category romance release, I’m giving away a $25 gift card to any online book retailer (AMZ, B&N, etc.)  Simply comment on this post by Oct. 10th midnight (CST) and tell me your favorite zombie movie.  This giveaway is open to anyone on the planet, even if you’ve won something from me before.

And stay tuned – I intend to giveaway several more prizes this month as we get closer to Halloween!

Anyone willing to review or rate The Zombie Billionaire’s Virgin Witch – email me at joelysueburkhart AT gmail DOT com with your desired format, and I’ll send you a review copy.  Thank you!

Save An Ent Winner Part 2

I didn’t hear from the original winner, so I ran the comments through Random.org again and kicked out #42:  SheriV!  She left her email in comments so I’ve dropped her a note.  However, if I don’t hear back in 3 days, I’ll draw another name!

Save An Ent Winner

Thank you for all your lovely comments this past month to help me celebrate Tecun’s release!  I gathered all the comments from all the guest posts this past month, put them in a spreadsheet, and then used random.org to pick comment #136.

Betty Hamilton for her comment at Books N Kisses.

Betty, drop me a note at joelysueburkhart AT gmail DOT com and we’ll work out which eReader you’d like.  If I don’t hear from you in 3 days, I’ll pick a new winner.

Save An Ent Artwork

I loaded the artwork to the original giveaway post, but I don’t know if people are going back to look.  Don’t forget, too, that I’m adding ongoing blog posts to that entry.  I’ll accumulate all comments from all guest blogs listed in that entry if you want more chances to win.

Reviews or ratings anywhere online can get you another entry – just post the link in comments so I can find it.

Aren’t these cute?  My thanks to S. J. Collins for creating such fun Ents!


Save An Ent – Read An Ebook Giveaway

Since Tecun arrives 8/6, I’m going to celebrate ebooks the entire month!  I’ll be doing several guest posts again throughout the blogosphere, so this entry will be updated as those links become available.

What’s up for grabs:  WINNER’S CHOICE EREADER up to $200 (USD) value.



  • Love the one-click buy at Amazon and want to upgrade to a new Kindle Fire?
  • Have you been lusting after the Nook GlowLight?
  • Or maybe the Kobo Vox is more your style.

The winner picks whichever eReader you want.  I will ship internationally, but please make sure the device you select will work in your country and that I’m allowed to ship it there without violating any customs regulations.  I do not retain names or email addresses after the giveaway closes.

How to enter:

  • Comment as many times as you want on this post through Aug 31st, midnight CST.
  • Comment as many times as you want on any of the guest posts I’m doing the month of August (I’ll add the links to this post).
  • Rate or Review The Bloodgate Warrior on any online book site and post a comment here with the link.
  • Post about this giveaway on your own blog or website and make a comment on this post with the link.  (A cool giveaway icon is coming soon!)

I’ll accumulate a spreadsheet of everyone who comments throughout the month on the above posts and use Random.org to select the winner on Sept 1st.  The winner will have 3 days to respond.  If I’m unable to reach the winner, I’ll pick a new name until I have a contact.

To get the comments started:  are you an ebook lover, a possible convert to electronic reading, or a take-my-paperback-from-my-cold-dead-hands reader?

Comment at these guest posts for an extra entry:

Artwork courtesy of S.J. Collins

Yours to Take Giveaway

In honor of Vicki’s book, YOURS TO TAKE, I’m offering a $100 gift certificate to any online book retailer of the winner’s choice.  You can tell me to split it up among stores too, so if you’d like $50 at Samhain and $50 at Amazon, or $100 at B&N — whatever you want!

To enter, comment on this post ONLY before midnight CST, May 21st.  I’ll be using “Pick Giveaway Winner” to randomly select the winner from this post.  Anyone on the planet can enter, even if you’ve won something from me before.  Multiple comments are encouraged!

Ways to enter:

  • Just throw your name in the hat with a generic comment.
  • If you’ve read any of the Connagher books, I’m considering writing Mama Connagher and Ty’s book.  How do you think they met?  Anything outlandishly funny or crazy you think of about them?  The wilder the better!  Let’s have fun with this!  If I use any of your ideas, I’ll include you in the dedication and acknowledgements.
  • Rate or review any Connagher book anywhere online and post a comment containing the link to your review (one link per comment if you want to maximize your chances to win).  Pre-existing reviews are fine – but you have to go get the link and comment here.  Good or bad reviews, I don’t care.

If Hurt Me So Good breaks 20 Amazon reviews, I’ll also add another $50 gift certificate!

If Yours to Take breaks 20 Amazon reviews, I’ll add another $50 gift certificate as well!

Thank you for helping me celebrate Vicki’s release!

The Big RT Swag Giveaway

Open to anyone on the planet, as long as you’re patient with me until I get to the post office.

I have about 50 pounds of combined free books and swag from RT 2012.  NO I’M NOT KIDDING (the picture is only one night’s haul).  I have the FedEx bill to prove it, at least for the 25 pounds of books that cost a small fortune to ship home from the hotel.  At the airport today, I had to strip another 25 pounds of stuff out of my monster suitcase to get under the 50-lb limit, and most of it was swag that I then had the pleasure of hauling through the airport myself.

I have ink pens.  I have pins/buttons.  I have BOOKS out the WAZOO.  I have even more bookmarks, trading cards, and postcards.  Some of it’s signed.  Some of it has cool little gadets attached.  Some of it is adult in nature (like the pecker tape.  *snickers*).

I’m going to bag up all of these goodies and send them to those of you who’d like a taste of RT.  Just drop me an email (joelysueburkhart AT gmail DOT com) and tell me what kind of swag you’d like along with your snail mail addy.  (e.g. if you collect buttons, let me know.  Or if you’d really like some sexy EC playing cards!)

Right now, I think I have enough to give everyone at least one book and some cool swag, unless a whole bunch of you email me.  All I ask is you go out to Amazon, B&N, GoodReads, etc. and rate/review to spread some book love!

(Open until I run out of swag!)

Mistletoe Madness Giveaway

Main Giveaway Hub

In these days of ultra cool electronics and games, I sometimes wonder if people care about homemade gifts from the heart.


I always try to make a few things for people on my list, but the busier I get with real life, the more I can’t quite pull off my big plans.

I just don’t have enough time to make all the things I want.  This year, I’m hurrying to finish some simple cross-stitch Christmas ornaments.  Next week I plan to do a lot of baking to take to family dinners.  One year I made easy flannel scarves, another year crochet bookmarks.

Yet I always secretly fear that people think homemade gifts are a little tacky or cheap.  What about you – what’s your favorite memory of a handmade gift someone gave you?

Comment on this post any time Dec. 16 – 23 to be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to any online book retailer of your choice (B&N, Amazon, ARe, etc.) and any book from my backlist, including a signed print copy of either Dear Sir, I’m Yours or Hurt Me So Good.  If you choose print, I’ll mail internationally.

Happy Holidays – let the Mistletoe Madness begin!


Golden Winner and Review

I used the pick giveaway plugin to select the winner for the HautTote giveaway:  Stephanie Christine!  Thank you to everyone for entering!  Stephanie, I’ll email details to you (the tote hasn’t shipped to me yet).

There’s also another great review for Golden by Night Owl Romances by Elf. 4.5 stars and a Top Pick!

An evocative and well-written story that vividly conjures up the intricacies of court intrigue and machinations even as it relays the tale of two people tied together in their desire for the sexual stimulation achieved through the delivery and reception of pain.  Looking forward to more works from this author, a wonderfully adept word-artist.

Thank you so much!