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Review: Hurt Me So Good

MacKenzie of Blackraven Reviews has named HMSG a Recommended Read (review)!

Ms. Burkhart has certainly put herself in a class above the rest with this story. To be able to write such intensity, emotion and drama, and to have the characters remain loving and devoted, was amazing to see. It’s so rare in these types of storylines and that’s a sad thing. I wish more authors were willing to put their skills to the test this way, but I have a feeling the results would be nowhere close to the same.

If you can, stop by Blackraven Reviews and vote for HMSG for top book of the week.  Voting is open until midnight EST Sunday, December 19th.

Thank you so much, MacKenzie!

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Review: Hurt Me So Good

Pearl was kind enough to read Hurt Me So Good in its early stages and has now written a lovely review:

The way Joely Sue Burkhart describes the feelings and the dynamics, the hunger and need, is mesmerizing. The way she describes insecurity, vulnerability and pain is simply out of this world. I have no words to do it justice with a description. I had the pleasure and honor of proofreading HURT ME SO GOOD many months ago and was utterly impressed with the way Joely Sue Burkhart wanted to bring Victor’s story to her readers. Now having read it with a reviewer’s eye I can only be even more impressed. From the first to the last word she reeled me in with a poignant and emotional story within the realm of D/s that is a more than worthy successor of DEAR SIR I’M YOURS!

Thank you, Joely Sue, for another great installment of the Connaghers, a family that has found a firm place in my reader’s heart and on my (digital) shelves. I can’t wait to see what Vicki will bring to the table.

Thank you so much, Pearl!  I’ve never written a m/m book, but for Leon and Brandon…. hmmm.  Maybe.  🙂  You and Sherri’s great minds are thinking alike.

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Reviews from The Romance Reviews

MichelleR has written several wonderful reviews on The Romance Reviews site.  First up, for Dear Sir, I’m Yours:

Holy guacamole ladies and gents, I have another winner! Seriously, if you are a fan of masterfully written characters, smokin’ hot sex, tender romantic men and strong independent women you really need to check out Dear Sir, I’m Yours by Joely Sue Burkhart.

With tender moments that brought tears to my eyes, hysterical moments that had me gripping my sides, and Oh My Gawd moments that had me searching for a hand fan, I was up well into the night unwilling to put this amazing read down. The story was fast-paced, engaging, complex and well-rounded. Joely Sue Burkhart was a new author to me. She has talent in spades and I just can’t wait to check out more of her books.

And for Victor in Hurt Me So Good:

 I can take a whole lot of hawt in my stories. Bring on the meneges, tie-em-up, and go places only the most wicked have gone before, but the idea of sadomasochism wasn’t revin’ my good-read engine at all. Quite the opposite. I found myself way outside my comfort zone.

That is, until Victor and Shiloh stole my heart.

Hats off to Ms. Burkhart as she has once again proven herself a master of developing complex, likeable characters in a world most view as unpalatable.

Thank you so much, Michelle!

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Review and Another Chance to Win!

Fern at Whipped Creme Erotic Romance Reviews gives 4/5 to Hurt Me So Good:

After enjoying Dear Sir, I’m Yours by author Joely Sue Burkhart, I was extremely excited to get my hands on the second installment, Hurt Me So Good. Although vastly different from the first, I found similar elements and themes present and, of course, the writing was wonderful.  Ms. Burkhart pens memorable stories with tortured characters that are impossible to forget.

Also, Nicole donated a copy of HMSG to Stumbling Over Chaos, so stop by and comment to win!

Thank you so much, Fern and Nicole!

P.S. You still have time to enter the Pride & Prejudice book handbag and charm bracelet giveaways.

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Review: Hurt Me So Good

Mrs. Giggles reviews Victor and gives HMSG 83!

While I’m no expert on BDSM and therefore I cannot say for certain how accurate the author has been in the depiction of that lifestyle in this story, she manages to sell me the fantasy in a most believable and very intriguing manner. The psychology behind the use of the riding crop is fascinating, and the love scenes are erotic. The author also gets bonus points for a rather dignified treatment of the hero’s ex-sub without degrading her into merely another notch in the hero’s bedpost. The hero has control issues when it comes to being a Dom, and I have to admit I raised an eyebrow at that scene where he pleasured himself while whacking his thighs with the riding crop. But Ms Burkhart sells the whole deal to me nicely despite my unfamiliarity with the BDSM scene.

She does have concerns about the reality TV aspect, about whether insiders receiving the prizes is illegal or not.  There is no “million dollar prize” offered to the winner of ANTs — only the Master’s collar, if he chooses to give it.   It’s not a true reality show, but more of a parody of a reality show.  Too bad that part bothered her, but overall, she enjoyed the rest of the story, so yay!

Thank you, Mrs. Giggles!

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Review: Hurt Me So Good

My beloved Sister might be just a tad biased ::ahem:: but she has some lovely things to say about Victor:

See, it’s not just about the “kink”. It’s not even about the sex. It’s about what two people need. It’s about trusting their partner to provide that need. It’s about two people finding their perfect match and then fighting for that perfection.

If I had a rating system, this one would be off the charts. Not just because it’s excellent reading with snappy (occasionally blush-worthy) dialogue, killer setting, and smokin-hot romance, but because it… I dunno… shows that you don’t have to be damaged in some way to want this lifestyle.

This is really important to me, and it’s important to Victor, which is why he chose to start VCONN, an erotic cable channel dedicated to BDSM lifestyles.  Sadist can have so many negative connotations, usually applied to perverted villains of the story who want to commit vile acts against the snowy pure heroine.  Victor is a sadist, but he’s not perverted and most definitely not the villain, but yeah, I guess he does want to do vile things to Shiloh…even though he feels terrible guilt at the same time.  The key, here, is that she wants him to do these painful things.

Thank you, Sis.  I love you!

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V’s Giveaway

The V is very important to Victor.  Yeah, it’s his name, but he especially likes to see the V marked on Shiloh in various devious ways.  *winks* 

To celebrate the release of Hurt Me So Good, I’m offering this custom handmade charm bracelet  crafted to the winner’s specifications.  Personally, I’d go for the V and perhaps a red heart, but I’ll order you different initials or charms for this bracelet if you wish. 

To enter, comment here on this post before midnight CST October 17th.  You can throw your name in the hat once, or enter multiple times by posting links to any reviews, ratings, comments, tweets, etc. that you’ve made about HMSG (one entry for each link).  The winner will be posted Monday, Oct 18th. 

I will also draw one name from the commenters for a free download of HMSG, or any book from my backlist if you already have it.

Thank you to everyone who’s already helped spread the word for Victor!

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Guest Post and First Victor Review

I’m at Kait Nolan’s today blogging about When the Well Runs Dry.  Comment on the post to win an early copy of HURT ME SO GOOD, which doesn’t release until 10/5!

Soleil of Black Sun Reviews is the first to review Victor:

Nobody makes my reader’s heart sting like Joely Sue Burkhart. I’m not usually one to enjoy contemporaries but with Joely’s quirky sense of humor and passion for the forbidden or the politically incorrect, I get lost in the magic every time.

Hurt Me So Good is a sweltering hot read even without the mention of crops, whips and collars. The passion between Shiloh and Victor is addictive and I do believe I’m going to miss reading about a heroine who isn’t afraid to talk dirty. She’s not a doormat. She’s not a shrinking violet or the epitome of fragility. She’s a damned proud Submissive and she totally won my heart.

Soleil also mentions Mal (Malinda Kannes, Mistress of Dallas) and I’m happy to say she will definitely get her own story, tentatively titled MINE TO BREAK.  I already know who her hero is, too, and he makes a brief appearance in Vicki’s YOURS TO TAKE.

Thank you so much, Soleil!

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Friday Snippet: Mama Connagher

I’m going to finish Vicki if she kills me! 

I’m finally, almost, at LAST!!  Ready to break 40K.  I’ve been stuck in the 30Ks for months.  Ugh.  But this morning Dark & Early, I finally hit the emotional candy bar scene that I’d been dreading and looking forward to.  Mama and Vicki on the same page.  Here’s just a tiny snippet, first draft only.

“Vicki.”  Mama smiled and held out her arms.  Her face felt frozen and brittle, but Vicki hugged her and gave her a dutiful peck on the cheek.  “How’s my girl?”

“Fine, Mama.”  She knew Mama wanted an introduction or at least an excuse about what was going on, but Vicki refused to give an inch.  Make her ask.  That keeps the advantage with me.

It worked at least a little, because Mama’s jaws tightened and her eyes narrowed.  She turned to Elias and held out her hand.  “Lt. Reyes.”


“I thought you were out of the picture.”

Elias’s neck turned red, which was almost enough to make Vicki laugh out loud and relax.  Almost, but not quite, because she was more worried about the other man standing on her right. 

“I’m Jesse Inglemarre, ma’am.”

Mama took his hand, squeezing hard, evidently, because Vicki noted the way his face tensed a moment before melting away.  His shoulders relaxed, easing into the fierce grip like he did when she touched him, and she was suddenly so pissed, so mindless with jealousy and fury, that she couldn’t breathe.  Couldn’t move.  She wanted to strike out with violence, even against her mother.

“Ah,” Mama breathed out and released him.  “So the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all.  When you picked Reyes, I honestly started to wonder.  I thought maybe I’d been wrong.”

“You’re never wrong, Mama.”  Vicki didn’t even try to keep the bitterness out of her voice.  At least that was better than violence.  “I learned that a long time ago.  Just another way I’ve let you down, right?”

“Is that what you think?”

Unperturbed by Mama’s unusually quiet voice, Vicki wrapped her arm around Jesse’s waist and pulled him against her.  With Elias on her other side, she felt shielded from the fiery darts Mama would lob at her.  “I know it.  First I quit my job at the firm after years of grad school and grueling overtime to make partner on a lark—to start my own clothing line.  Now I’m dating two men at the same time.  You’ve despaired of me ever getting married and settling down.”

“Quitting that law firm was the best thing you’ve ever done.”

Braced for an I-told-you-so tirade, it took Vicki several moments to realize that was actually a compliment.  Stunned, she could only stare at Mama, searching those dark eyes so like her own for the truth.  What she saw horrified her.

A tear streaked down her mother’s face.  “So that could only be your self-doubt, honey, if you think I’m disappointed in you.  Same with Reyes.  I knew you two were fire and oil, too explosive together.  You’d kill each other before you’d ever work out enough of a truce for marriage, but that’s exactly what you wanted.  In a way, you were punishing me by picking an upstanding man I had to like but you never intended marriage.  Don’t look at me like that, Beulah Virginia.”

Gaping, Vicki flinched at both the use of her real name and the sharper tone of voice, even while Mama dashed her tears away impatiently.

“Don’t stand there so innocently shocked.  I didn’t raise a wallflower or a doormat.  If you’d really wanted Reyes, then you would have demanded he marry you or get the hell out.  Forget this polite ‘dating’ and sometimes sleeping together crap.  Either you love him or you don’t.  Make up your damned mind and quit punishing me.”

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My First Romantic Times Review!

For Dear Sir, I’m Yours, Romantic Times gives 4 stars!   Review

This story of long-lost love coming into its own is sure to please readers looking for a happily-ever-after ending, with a little spanking and light BDSM thrown in. The grandmother is a gem.

Way to go Miss Belle!  Conn feels the need to dedicate an Ode to her.